Damn Haul #2

So this is another haul to show you guys. I didn’t get too many things this time since I wasn’t interested in much of the stuff I was seeing. I’m pretty satisfied with everything I bought. It all is what I expected and more. All of the things I purchased here, I got from AliExpress. Just a reminder that the prices change from time to time. They may be lower of higher now than when I bought them (during a sale). Let’s get to it then.

Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask $3.73

The mask container came in a small box as you can see in the pictures below. A small applicator was included as well. I’ve already tried it and I can definitely say that it does turn into foamy bubbles after just a couple seconds. It is very cooling against the skin and I really like that. It feels almost refreshing.

Black and White Lace/Crochet Bralettes $3.31 each

I was really excited to order these. I have been wanting some for the longest time. The material is really soft and comfortable. There aren’t any hooks in the back so it stretches. The only problem I had was that they were a bit big on me. Not necessarily loose, just big. I don’t know how to describe it really. I ordered a medium since that’s what I usually buy my clothes in. It might have been better to buy a small, but overall, I still like them.


Color-Changing Lip Balm $1.71

When I first opened this, my eyes just about POPPED. It is so beautiful in person! I ordered this in the color Lemon and it changes into a reddish color. It glides so perfectly it almost isn’t even noticeable. I might buy the other two colors, but I’m still not sure that they will look good on me. 10/10 would recommend though.


“Diamond” Ring $1.73

The picture doesn’t really do this ring justice. It’s really pretty. It doesn’t look as sparkly as how it was pictured by the seller, but it’s okay nonetheless. I put quotations around diamond because I’m pretty sure this isn’t real. The good thing is that this ring does not turn your finger green like fake jewelry usually does which is always a plus. I have gotten a lot of compliments on this one.


Planet and Set Pins $0.50 & $2.20

For the planet pin, they weren’t selling it anymore. That’s why I didn’t include a link to it. I really like all the pins I purchased. They look just like what was in the pictures. I don’t really know what else to say about them except they look good on my backpack?


Okay, now that I have gotten to the end, I just realized that I had actually purchased MORE items from AliExpress. It’s just that these took longer than the other ones I hadn’t shown. I’ll just list them here and link them because a) I am too lazy to take pictures of them and b) I am too lazy to grab them. Here you go:

Heart Pin $0.56 , Leggings w/ Faux Fur $4.79, Rose Hand Pin $0.87, Max Volume Mascara $1.70 



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