Easy Ways to Make Money

If you are like me and are always complaining about not having enough money, then look no more! Here I will tell you guys some ideas on how to make money for people of different ages. Some I have researched them online and others I have actually tried out myself. Without further ado, here are 9 easy ways to make money.

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  1. Get a JOB! I know many of you are thinking, Well duh, but honestly this is the easiest way to consistently get money. If you are at least 16 years old (at least in California), then there are a variety of jobs you can work at. Many of them let you work part-time and are flexible with your school schedule.
  2. Have a garage/yard sale: This works best if you have a lot of junk or old things you never use/wear anymore. You can sell old clothes, shoes, toys, books, furniture, appliances, etc. Just make sure you clear it with your parents first. We wouldn’t want you to accidentally sell grandma’s priceless jewelry box or something. A tip I would give is that it’s typically harder to sell items at high prices in garage sales. This leads me to my next point.
  3. EBay, Craigslist, Amazon: I have never sold anything on any of these platforms so I wouldn’t know how this would work. I have heard that EBay (and maybe Amazon) takes a certain percentage of your sale so be on the lookout for that.
  4. Reselling clothes:
    • If you just want to get rid of clothes that are in good condition, but still get paid, I would recommend selling to clothing stores like Uptown Cheapskate or Plato’s Closet. Make sure they are in good condition (wash them beforehand!) and that they are styles in trend to have a better chance of selling them. They also look for specific brands so hit up their websites or social media to get more of an idea of what they’re looking for.
    • You can also sell clothes on Instagram! I actually started doing this about a year ago and made some sales. It takes a lot of patience and time, but I think it is worth it because you can make more money off of the clothes you sell than if you would go to a thrift store or have a garage sale. Keep in mind that you have to ship everything yourself and that you have to have some form of collecting money. I only collected cold cash (AKA CC), but others have PayPal and stuff like that.
    • Use clothing apps to sell your clothes. Once again, most of them collect a percentage (granted a really low one) of your sales, but they give you shipping labels to print out and is more secure in money transactions. Mercari is an example of one.
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  5. Instagram Shop: This is sort of similar to the clothing one, but for this you can sell popular items like phone cases, chokers/necklaces, other accessories, totes, pins and patches. They can all be customizable to how you or the customers want them. I would recommend doing this over the summer so you have time to run the shop more efficiently.
  6. Babysit: If you have a lot of family members with small kids, you should ask them to babysit. This can build up your experience and credibility to start babysitting other children. I would recommend that teenagers 15 years and older do this just because of the amount of responsibility there is in taking care of another person’s child. Try to get certified in CPR so that parents, and you, feel safer. Start out with taking care of one or two younger kids (preschool-3rd grade) or two or three older ones (4th-7th grade). If you and the parents feel comfortable, you can also take care of infants or babies. I don’t think I could’ve personally handled that responsibility at that age, but to each their own. (P.S. You can also pet sit)
  7. Tutoring: If you are really good at a specific subject like math or a language, you can tutor other people in that area. There are always kids or teenagers looking for help in school and you can help them get better grades while also getting paid. Usually, you can negotiate the wage per hour and the times you tutor which is pretty good.
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  8. Sell old textbooks/books: If you own your own textbooks, you can sell them for a pretty reasonable price, especially if they’re in good condition. Look at websites like Amazon or Chegbooks. You can enter what books you have and see how much they’ll buy them for. Also, you know those required reading books you had to buy, yeah, you can sell those too. Sell them to other students who are going to take the same class as you did or go online to sell them. Some people will even buy them with annotations and notes in them.
  9. Sell baked goods: If you love baking or if you’re good at it, then this might be a good idea for you. When I was in high school, there was this girl who always sold cake pops in my class everyday. She made over a thousand dollars in just a couple of months. It doesn’t have to be just cake pops. You can sell brownies, cupcakes, muffins, cookies, or macaroons.

Image result for baked goodsI hope you guys try out some of these suggestions! Let me know if you do and how that goes. Also, comment below things not mentioned that you have done to make money. Until next time, bye!


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