Damn Hauls

Let’s get one thing straight before I dive into this. I LOVE SHOPPING! Whether it’s online shopping, mall shopping, or thrift shopping. It is one of my favorite things to do (after writing of course). Since moving here for university, I have been shopping a lot, which is a bad thing since I am wasting the money I made this past summer working. ANYWAY, let’s dive right in. I’ll be posting the links to each item below if you want to check them out.

Forever 21

For me, I feel like Forever 21 is a hit-or-miss type of place. I can go in one day and find a whole bunch of cute shit and then some days I just don’t like anything I see. Well, when I saw these jackets I knew I had to get them. They are so beautiful. No, I’m not crying…

California Varsity Jacket Price: $32.90

This is the jacket I fell in love with. It truly was love at first sight. The photos don’t do it justice. The color is a champagne pink and navy running down the arms. The sort of burgundy detailing on the bottom and the ends of the sleeves as little flecks of gold glitter. It’s sort of cropped. I purchased a size medium and it goes just a little under my bellybutton.

Love Yourself Bomber Jacket Price: $27.90

I love the words on the back. They’re a really pretty pink. It is a bit thicker than the previous jacket. I purchased a medium for this as well and it’s a good size. Not cropped.



My sister and I have purchased so many things from this website. It’s super cheap and pretty reliable for the most part. I have only had one problem where my item didn’t come, but it was like a dollar lip gloss so I wasn’t too pissed. You have to check to see how long shipping will be because some items take almost up to two months. Sometimes the wait is worth it though. Prices may vary.

90’s Crop Top Price: $9.99


I kept seeing these shirts all over the place and finally decided to buy one of my own. I bought a black one because that’s the only color I know I for sure look good in. It’s cropped (of course) and the neck part doesn’t have Velcro like I initially thought so I have to shove my head through it. The struggle is real.

Strappy Lace Bralette Price: $2.91


These were super cute and cheap so I decided what the heck. I’ll buy them. I got one in black and the other in white. The white one has the clasps in the back but the black one does not. The fabric covers about 3/4. Overall, they are worth the buy.

Crystal Eyelid Patch Price: $2.38


I have purchased something similar to these before and I needed to get more. I have been sleeping super late, I don’t know why, and my under eye bags are UGH. For the price, I received 20 pieces/10 pairs. I have yet to try these out, but hopefully they clean up all this.

American Apparel Tennis Skirt Price: $12.31


For this one, I decided to get a large because my sister had bought a medium and it did not fit me at all. It was way too short if I zipped it up all the way. The prices vary on the size and color you get so make sure you pay attention to that. (While I am writing this, I am still waiting to receive it. It has been two weeks. Should come anytime this week…)


My sister introduced this site to me. They have fifty and forty percent off sales at least three times a week. Their clothes and shoes are really cute and reasonably priced. I haven’t bought anything again because I am trying to save money haha but I definitely will when I start working again.

Sarah Structured Metallic Backpack Price: $12.00 SALE


I love this backpack! There is surprisingly enough space to fit my wallet, sunglasses, small body spray, mascara, eyelash curler, you name it. There is one zipped pouch thing inside and the straps can be made into one. They’re easily adjustable. It closes with a magnetic clasp.

Bella Metallic Panel Lace Up Trainer Price: $10.00 SALE


I was scared at first that I was going to get sent the wrong size of shoes, but they fit perfectly. The store sizes are European-based so you have to double check the size chart. I ordered a size US 7 which is a EU size 5 I believe. These shoes are so white and the silver shines really great. I am going to have to be extremely conscious of where I step whenever I wear these.

Natural Lashes Clear Mascara & Dark Brow Gel Price: $2.50 & $2.00 SALE


I could not find a link for the clear mascara so I’m sorry! I like it because sometimes I just want to open my eyelashes up. The only thing is that it seems to not last that well the whole day. The brow gel is great! I’ve been meaning to get some so my brows stay in place. The brown blends in with my natural hair color. I was worried it would be too light.

I hope you guys liked this haul. I know I did. I hope you guys decide to check out any of these sites and find something you like! I might be doing more of these in the future if I don’t end up going broke…


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